hades – Lightroom Mobile Presets

hades – Lightroom Mobile Presets

Creator: hkte


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Hades Lightroom Mobile Presets made by hkte provide intensity and a dark moody atmosphere. The settings are very sharp and clean and desaturate other colours whilst enhancing reds, oranges, and a bit of yellows.

These presets were designed specifically for the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app(version 5.1 is the one I used to create the presets).

The order comes with a zip file containing 8 DNG files to be imported into the Lightroom Mobile app and applied on JPEG/PNG/DNG/RAW photographs.

The presets in the pack are:


-Hades: colder

-Hades: warmer

-Hades: red and white ++

-Hades: grey and orange

-Hades: grey and red

-Hades: splittone and grain

-Hades: splittone and grain(bright)


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This product is presented to you exclusively by – hkte –

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ENJOY! xoxo


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