Harsh Sunlight – Capture One Styles by Martin Lopez


Harsh Sunlight – Capture One Styles by Martin Lopez

Creator: Martin Lopez

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Designed with the most difficult to work with lighting conditions in mind, this debut pack from Martin Lopez offers 8 unique Capture One Styles that are optimized for portrait photography in harsh sunlight. Each style in this set has been carefully sculpted to cover a wide range of possible situations, from extreme backlighting to uneven contrasts and shadows, all while maintaining a vibrant and lively balance of colors in a diverse range of moods and aesthetics.

To ensure that each style in this set is utilized to its maximum potential, it is highly recommended that images be underexposed in camera by 1.5-2 stops to fully preserve highlight details. Example histograms can also be found on each of the promotional images. It is also encouraged to work within layers by varying the opacity to fine tune each style to your specific image.


Beach Bummer As this set’s cover style, Beach Bummer offers a comfortably nostalgic aesthetic with a modern twist. By combining a muted orange-green color grade with flattened shadows and subdued highlights, this style is able to achieve a cozy and warm aesthetic that is both subtle and stunning.

Beach Bummer+ A boosted variant of Beach Bummer, this style brightens mid-tones and shadows while maintaining balanced highlights for especially dark images.

Centerfold A bright and bold style, Centerfold combines a stunning orange-teal color grade with moderately flattened shadows and deep contrasts to transform even the most heavily backlit images into editorial worthy portraits.

Centerfold+ A boosted variant of Centerfold, this style brightens mid-tones and shadows while maintaining balanced highlights for use extreme backlight situations.

Parched Designed to rejuvenate even the most desolate of wastelands, Parched employs heavy contrast with richly saturated red-oranges and sharply punctuated blacks to create images that command attention.

Red Earth A beautifully simple monochromatic style, Red Earth makes use of a red-purple tint and split toning to create a simple but distinctive color grade. While somewhat less versatile than the other styles in this set, Red Earth is still able to be used on a fair range of lighting conditions and backgrounds.

Summer Haze A more classic summer themed style, Summer Haze offers a more traditional warm color grade with balanced shadows and highlights as well as more natural contrasts and normalized shadows.

Summer Haze- A boosted variant of Summer Haze, this style maintains mid-tones and shadows while lowering highlights for especially dark images.

Read how to install Capture One Styles here.

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