Her creative details’s Soft and Airy Lightroom Presets


Her creative details’s Soft and Airy Lightroom Presets

Creator: Her creative details

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Soft, delicate and airy effects for Adobe Lightroom 

This presets collection is great for adding brightness to your photos. In fact, it gives the photos a touch of delicacy, softness, highlighting the main colors of the photos, thus giving the photo an airy and delicate style.

Created by the lifestyle blogger Rodì of Her creative details. Her passion for details led her to look for a way to highlight those details of the photos that often appear obvious to us starting from a basic point: simplicity.

Add bright colors and a delicate style to your photos with these awesome presets of Her creative details.

Specifically, the 20 presets (40 in double version for Lightroom desktop and mobile versions) included are:

  1. Airy preset for travelers, second edition
  2. Delicate symphony
  3. Delicate symphony 2
  4. Delicate water channel with panorama
  5. Dreaming of traveling
  6. Green outdoor romance style
  7. Light and airy standard preset
  8. Lovely and delicate for dark colors
  9. Delicate blackberries symphony
  10. Pink flowers summer outdoor
  11. Pop art soft inspired
  12. Simple airy details
  13. Soft airy balance for white color
  14. Soft airy scenes
  15. Soft semi desaturated
  16. Street perspective
  17. Sweet and airy cold season
  18. Under the delicate sun of Tuscany
  19. Black and white (black contrast style) – EXTRA
  20. Black and white (white style) – EXTRA

So precisely for this reason, this collection of presets is extremely versatile and can be used, for example, for photos of:

  • Fashion / Fashion
  • Travel / Travel
  • Daily life / Lifestyle
  • Food / Food
  • Portraits and miscellaneous / Photography
  • Outdoor photo / Outdoor photography
  • Indoor / Indoor photography

This product is compatible with Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Versions: Adobe Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC. Lightroom presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Warning:  The final result of the preset is never 100% the same as the presentation images and varies slightly according to the original parameters of the photo in which you use it. It is advisable to adjust each parameter of the presets (in particular the parameters of the red color and the most vibrant colors) according to the result you want to achieve.


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