Instagram Presets | Lightroom and Photoshop Bundle


Instagram Presets | Lightroom and Photoshop Bundle

Creator: Backpack on Track

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Instagram-Feel Presets

Give your beautiful photographs an Instagram look and feel without losing the high quality of your original image. Created by Backpack on Track.

Includes all 39 different Instagram presets for Lightroom (Mobile & Desktop) and Photoshop (.XMP and .DNG format)

  • Edit your photos with 1 click
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to tweak for further customization.

These are Instagram presets that I personally use when I edit my own photos and I want to mimic my favorite Instagram filters. It’s nice to upload some photo’s to Instagram when you are on the road. But it might be better to do the work in Lightroom or Photoshop so you can preserve the highest image quality.
The compression of your image with Instagram is just too high, so if you want to use your images for printing or you want to showcase them on your portfolio, then these presets are just what you are looking for.

This product is compatible with:

  • Lightroom CC
  • Lightroom Classic CC
  • Photoshop CC
  • Camera Raw
  • Lightroom Mobile (includes specific .DNG preset files for Lightroom Mobile)

How to Install Mobile (.dng) Presets

Includes all Instagram filters:

1997, Aden, Amaro, Ashby, Brannan, Brooklyn, Charmes, Clarendon, Crema, Dogpatch, Earlybird, Gingham, Ginza, Hefe, Helena, Hudson, Inkwell, Juno, Kelvin, Lark, Lo-Fi, Ludwig, Mayfair, Moon, Nashville, Perpetua, Reyes, Rise, Sierra, Skyline, Slumber, Stinson, Sutro, Toaster, Valencia, Vesper, Walden, Willow, X-Pro II.

Document with detailed installation instructions describing the installation for the different platforms is included in the download.

These INSTAGRAM Lightroom and Photoshop presets were carefully put together by @backpackontrack. View my profile to see all my products!


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