Instagram Story Blurry Background

Instagram Story Blurry Background


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Looking to make your Instagram Stories more aesthetic? Look no more.   

No one likes a bland, single coloured background.  This Photoshop file allows you to add in a blurry background whenever you share a post.  This will not only add to the aesthetic of your stories but it also creates a perception of depth.

How to use:

It’s so simple to use! Open the template.  Drag and drop your photo.  Resize your photo to cover the dimensions.  Click on filter (top left of your screen). Click on blur, then gaussian blur.  I generally use the amount of 10.  Export it as a PNG file.  Put the file on your phone.  Share a post, go to your gallery and copy the png file.  When you go back to your instagram, it should pop up on the left corner of your screen.  Position it correctly and use the circle in the centre to bring the post above the png!


You need Adobe Photoshop and a basic understanding of it.

You can delete the white box layer. It acts as a guide when positioning the post.

The circle is not seen on your Instagram story as the post covers it.




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