JEKU San Francisco Lightroom Presets

JEKU San Francisco Lightroom Presets

Creator: jeku


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Lightroom Presets Inspired by San Francisco

Created by JEKU. Custom photo filters inspired by the Golden City. These presets will add a golden warm tone to your photos. Made for wedding photography, inspired portraits, gorgeous coastal landscapes, and more.

Read more about the San Francisco Presets from JEKU: “Inspired by one of the most artistically eclectic cities, and the absolute original beauty that is San Francisco, California. These presets feel like walking around the colorful downtown streets with your film, warm sunny afternoons among the mountains, and the blue windy evenings in the city by the bay.”

San Francisco 01

My go-to preset, it’s got that golden look that also keeps the colors alive. I love a good vibrant green like these! One of the most diversified presets for all locations. You can also cool it down for more vibrant blues as well. Almost always I’ll apply this preset then only have to tweak exposure and warmness per photo.

San Francisco 02

This preset is all about nailing natural skin tones. When you warm up the preset it ads a true golden brown to the entire image.  Sometimes warm presets will turn people into oompa loompas– but this one ads glow while keeping skin tones mellow. When you tone the warmness down, you create a beautiful natural look with creamy skin tones.

San Francisco 03

I created this preset specifically to have a different look from what I was seeing on Instagram. It’s got an overall warmth, but adds a soft edge your photos.

San Francisco 04

The most unique preset- I use this ones for my more editorial and sophisticated images. It’s got an edgy desaturation that allows for a real minimalistic look.

San Francisco BW 05

My favorite black and white. Sometimes I want to edit whole galleries with this preset! It brings up the shadows and ads high grain for that old-time film look.

San Francisco BW 06

A softer, high contrast black and white. Perfect for up close shots and minimal moments that you want to stand out.

These presets are in .lrtemplate format and .xmp format. This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC (desktop), and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. Find out how to sync presets with Lightroom Mobile.

UPDATED September 2020: New Universal preset by JEKU added. (.xmp format)


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