Joey Speers Lightroom Presets

Joey Speers Lightroom Presets

Creator: Joey Speers

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Landscape Filters for Adobe Lightroom

Created by lifestyle and adventure/travel photographer Joey Speers. These presets will help you add warm tones and vibrant looks to your lifestyle imagery.

Here’s what Joey has to say about his presets, “My presets are designed for travelers by a traveler, no matter where you are. Tested in the deepest days of winter, all the way to the scorch of the summer sun. My presets will give a new and exciting kick to your photos.”

Start editing with these clean presets from Joey Speers.

  • 12 Lightroom Presets
  • Warm/Cool Moody Looks
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Included in this package are twelve custom Adobe Lightroom Presets. Here are some details about how these filters will work on your photos:

  • JS #1 : Slightly crushed greens and deep darks for a moody affect.
  • JS #2 : Deep blacks and faded color for a rustic look.
  • JS #3 : Bright whites to bring the life of winter back into the photo.
  • JS #4 : A warm boost to your colors
  • JS #5 : Your perfect preset for sky high photos. Bringing out the deep greens of the forest.
  • JS #6 : Add a gloom to your photo.
  • JS #7 : Flipped hues, attracting your eyes to the colors.
  • JS #8 : Vibrant and electric water preset
  • JS #9 : A slight warmth and deep blacks to add to your landscape photos.
  • JS #10 : A cool but natural look for your landscapes with “cooler temperature” settings.
  • JS #11 : A very moody preset for a mysterious feeling.
  • JS #12 : Vibrant hues

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