John W LUT Pack #1

John W LUT Pack #1

Creator: John W

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This is my LUT Pack for Color Grading every kind of Footage (has to be REC709).

It contains a few trendy kind of Looks, that will make your Footage look AWESOME!


John W LUT Pack #1:

Complimentary: changes the hue of the colors to a more Teal & Orange look to achieve Complimentary colors.


Film: creates a more Film like vibe by changing the hues to a more pleasant color, lifts the Blacks and has a more gentle rolloff in both Highlights and Shadows.


Film Teal And Orange: is the same as Film, but with a more Teal & Orange Look.


Split Tone: has more Blue in the Shadows and more Orange in the Midtones.


Split Tone With Contrast: is the same as Split Tone, but with more Contrast.


Teal And Orange: is a Standard Teal and Orange Look. Necessary.


Teal And Orange With Contrast: is the same as Teal And Orange, but with more Contrast.


LUTs are in .cube so they are compatible with most Editing & Color Grading Softwares.


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