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Jose Zurita Wedding Lightroom Mobile Presets


Jose Zurita Wedding Lightroom Mobile Presets

Jose Zurita Wedding Lightroom Mobile Presets


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Wedding Presets for Lightroom Mobile

This mobile preset package has been carefully constructed by Jose Zurita. These filters will help you add detailed, romantic colors to your wedding photos!

Jose developed these presets for his lifestyle and wedding photography work. He uses them to add contrast and fade lighting to present the best side of the wedding. It is specially designed to give the bride and groom the special touch they deserve. And this will save you tremendous time by streamlining the workflow.

These presets are carved to even the smallest details which contain more than 10 settings, including indoor, outdoor, night, sunset, backlight and direct light areas.


  • 26 Lightroom Mobile Presets (.dng)
  • Details Enhanced
  • Soften/Glowing Skin
  • Lifestyle/Wedding Photography
  • Free Help Files and Support

Product Compatibility

These presets work directly within the Lightroom Mobile app. Import the .dng photos to your mobile app to save the presets and apply them to your own photos!

Watch the full tutorial for importing mobile presets:


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