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Justin Burbage Final Cut Pro Presets


FEATURED (*)- Justin Burbage Video LUTs - FilterGrade
2 Green Machine - Justin Burbage Video LUTs - FilterGrade
3Hawaiian Blue Pop - Justin Burbage Video LUTs - FilterGrade
4 Mooty B&W - Justin Burbage Video LUTs - FilterGrade
5 Satur B&W- Justin Burbage Video LUTs - FilterGrade
6 Sunset Jam - Justin Burbage Video LUTs - FilterGrade

Justin Burbage Final Cut Pro Presets


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Lifestyle Effects for Video Editors

These creative video presets were created by travel and lifestyle photographer/videographer, Justin Burbage. Justin’s bright and vibrant Final Cut Pro Presets will help you to bring your footage to life and turn any video into a cinematic scene.

Create fully enhanced footage with these presets from Justin Burbage.

  • 7 Final Cut Pro Presets (.effectsPreset files)
  • Colorful Tones
  • Vibrant Lifestyle Effects
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product comes with .effectsPreset files compatible with Final Cut Pro.

Watch the video demo:

Justin has included seven individual presets for you to play around with and test out on your footage. For more information on each Effects Preset, continue reading below.

BAHAMA BLUE BABY | This is by far my favorite filter for water photography in the WORLD! I think I use this filter more than any other. I’ve worked hard to get the color of the water in my photos to be the exact same as the color in my Videos and I’m proud to say, THIS IS THAT FILTER :D Best if used ONLY with scenes with water in them.

SUNSET JAM | Cameras never really do sunsets justice! Sunset Jam is great for bringing out the deep colors sunsets have to offer! I mostly use this filter when I am shooting a sunset from a drone over water or a DSLR shooting from the beach out towards the water.

MOOTY B&W | I love black and white but with just a hint of color to it. This filter tunes out almost all color while leaving just a hint behind. 

HAWAIIAN BLUE POP | Blue water with even just a slight hint of green gets on my nerves and that’s why Hawaiian Blue Pop was created to desaturate the greens in overhead aerial drone shots.

SATUR B&W | Satur B&W has almost a scary movie type of vibe to it, and is fun to play around with when you’re filming with a Black & White filter.

DEEP SEA BLUE | A lot of the trouble I have shooting underwater is dependent upon the way I am shooting. The water doesn’t always end up blue or as deep of a blue as you want (especially when shooting with a GoPro). Deep Sea Blue helps to make your under-water footage a beautiful and consistent blue.

THE GREEN MACHINE | While shooting greenery, it’s sometimes hard to get that deep or even bright green color pop that jungles and forests have in real life. The Green Machine helps to bring out those higher saturated greens that are usually only visible to the naked eye.



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