Kevin Alejandro Lightroom Presets

Kevin Alejandro Lightroom Presets

Creator: colorgrader

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Colorful Tones for Adobe Lightroom

These earthy photo filters were created by Kevin Alejandro, also known as @kevinedal on Instagram. Kevin’s unique and minimal editing style adds color and detail to your tones to help create a vivid scene.

Here’s a bit from Kevin himself, “This second preset pack was designed to meet the photographer’s most important goal in photo editing; Consistency. I created 11 brand new Lightroom presets that are divided into 5 categories; Muted, Tinted, Bold Tones, Faded, and Black and White. While some of the presets are palette-specific, they are fully adjustable to fit the photographer’s style. I always like to have total control over the basic settings as each photo (or photo set) may require different adjustments, that being said, the White Balance and Tone panels were not manipulated.”

Start editing with these lifestyle and adventure presets today!

  • 11 Lightroom Presets
  • Earth Tones
  • Colorful/Clean
  • Portrait/Lifestyle
  • Free Help File & Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Preset Descriptions:

  • Muted Set:
    • Clean | This airy and minimal preset works with all earthy tones, it creates a clean look and keeps skin tones vibrant, this is optimal for portraits.
    • Green | This preset enhances green, yellow and orange tones and gives them a moody look. I use it for Landscapes but I’ve got pretty good results with portraits as well.
    • Gold | As the title says, the Gold preset provides a warm and bright look. I use this preset to get rid of blue tones, it’s also great for photos with a slightly cool temperature as it warms them without adjusting the White Balance slider.
    • Blue | I’m really into warm highlights and Blue shadows, and this presets does just that. It keeps colors desaturated while providing a blue tint to the shadows.
  • Tinted Set:
    • Blue | Unlike the Gold preset, Blue cools down photos with a warm temperature caused by inacurate white balance or artificial lighting.
      • Tip: Apply this preset to any photo and play with the temperature slider (preferibly towards the warm side) as it removes the blue tint and creates a bright and warm look!
    • Pink | It takes a normal photo and evolves it into a dreamy and ethereal masterpiece, this preset is ideal to give portraits a glossy look. I’ve used it for Product photography and Weddings but again, it fits all styles.
    • Bronze | Inspired by Analog Film, Bronze retains earthy tones while providing an overall vintage look, it compliments warm tones and makes them darker. I typically decrease the exposure and shadows/blacks to make it very moody.
  • Bold Tone:
    • Warm & Earthy | While most of the presets above are meant to be used for muted tones and a bright look, this preset does the exact opposite. It creates a very dusky and warm mood, perfect for photos with green and yellow tones.
      • Tip: To get the most out of this preset, decrease the exposure slider if being applied to bright photos.
  • Faded Set:
    • She | This preset makes works great with photos with a pastel color palette, it crushes highlights and makes shadows slightly faded.
    • He | While being similar to ‘She’, this preset compliments masculine and bold tones, it also crushes highlights and makes shadows slightly faded.
  • Black & White:
    • Colorless | This preset creates the three main things I find appealing in black in white editing; bright higlights, deep shadows and a well balanced amount of grain.


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