@KirstyDolmor’s Moody Landscape ‘Moody 4’ Lightroom Preset

@KirstyDolmor’s Moody Landscape ‘Moody 4’ Lightroom Preset

Creator: kld_visuals


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@kirstydolmor‘s – Moody Landscape ‘Moody 4’ Lightroom Preset ideal for Nature, Landscape and Travel photography.

If you are wanting dark, moody blue/green tones then this is the preset for you!

This single preset is also apart of a 20 preset pack: ‘kirstydolmor’s – Moody Landscape Lightroom Preset Pack’ also available on filter grade.

Kirsty Dolmor has created this preset and has tested it on different photos. There is a preview of some examples in the gallery.

This presets can help you speed up your editing process and help you achieve those moody edits.

This product is compatible with Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. In which they are compatible with RAW & JPEG photos.

This pack contains 1 presets

Please note not all presets suit all images, but you can adjust them to your preference.


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