atlagi42 Lightroom Presets (Desktop and Mobile)


atlagi42 Lightroom Presets (Desktop and Mobile)

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Essential Landscape Presets for Adobe Lightroom

This is a collection of landscape oriented presets by the landscape and long exposure photographer Atticus Gifford; @atlagi42. These filters will have everything from moody tones to brighter vibes to enhance your landscape shots, providing an outstanding starting point for your edits. The preset pack includes 9 unique presets created for landscape shots ranging from mountains and waterfall photos to misty warm plains and the beautiful snowy tundra of the winter season. In addition, I am attaching three bonus handcrafted Adobe Lightroom presets that are perfect for the winter season. These winter presets are also a go to choice for any other landscape photos you may have. To top it all off, I am attaching these three winter presets FREE OF COST! So, are you ready to take your editing to the next level?


Ease your editing workflow with these amazing landscape presets from @atlagi42.


This preset pack contains:

  • 12 Lightroom Presets

  • One click edits

  • Landscape/Long Exposure

  • Adventure/Nature

  • Enhancing Effects

  • Moody Effects

  • 3 Bonus Presets (“Snowfall”, “Snowwhite”, “Snowy Tundra”)

  • Free Help Files



These presets are in .dng format. This product is compatible with Lightroom CC (desktop) and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. This product is also compatible with the Free Lightroom Mobile App. The help files included will guide you through the process of setting them up.

Need extra help with your new presets? I will get in touch with you. DM @atlagi42 on Instagram :)


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