Less Wake Chillhop Music Pack


Less Wake Chillhop Music Pack

Creator: Less Wake

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6 Amazing Chillhop Tracks for Your Epic Content (Filtergrade Exclusive)

Becoming the next big content creator is possible and you’re well on your way. It’s OK if you’re spending too much time editing and selecting music, there’s so much out there to choose from. Copyright & royalty laws are so confusing and it can be sketchy to try and source the perfect music and a lot of times we settle for whatever we can find in a library.

Yes, every other content creator is selecting from the same libraries. You spend so much time shooting, editing, building transitions to inch ahead of your competition but now it’s time to leap ahead. Get your hands on this exclusive music pack, only available to Filtergrade fans to start standing out today.

This unique pack is created by artist/producer/composer, Less Wake and includes:

  • (6) Original Music Tracks
  • Royalty free, use wherever and however you want (will not be flagged on any platform)
  • Minimum 120 Seconds Each
  • Multiple Sections To Loop Within Every Track
  • HD .WAV Files
  • Mixed & Mastered to Hollywood Studio Levels (Also Optimized For Phone Speakers)
  • Produced With Chops and Swells Perfect For Transitions/Edits
  • Exclusive to Filtergrade, not available in any other library

Less Wake (Brad Jackson) is an artist & music producer who has spent most of his time in Los Angeles and specializes in “Branding Through Music.” He has worked on marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world (Uber, Amazon, Sony, Apple and more).

He understands the art of production music that is specifically made for video teams. This Chillhop pack was built to reflect the current trends in music so that your content can be relevant and exciting to your audience.

You can only find this music selection here and you can be sure that all of your competitors spending hours scrolling through music libraries will not have these gems.

Tracks Included

  • Streetlight Glow
  • Taking Flight
  • Hot Summer Nights
  • Taking A Drive
  • Steady Turns
  • Drifting Loosely

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