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LIGHT SUMMER 5 Lightroom Mobile + Desktop Presets

$15 $12

LIGHT SUMMER 5 Lightroom Mobile + Desktop Presets

LIGHT SUMMER 5 Lightroom Mobile + Desktop Presets

$15 $12

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Light Summer Tropical Effects

Light Summer Presets come with 5 different bright presets. Can be used for: beach, travel, landscape, wedding photos, bloggers, magazines, Instagram, vibrant colors, contrast, summer colors. Created by FiltersPresets.


– 5 Lightroom Desktop + 5 Mobile Presets
– Compatible with Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Free
– Compatible with JPG and RAW Images
– Installation Instructions

How to Install Mobile Presets


Professional and unique result achievable in one click
100% non-destructive, we have been tested them on different photos, and the results is awesome
For photographers and designers, both pro and amateur
Easy to use, just one click + FAQ file + powerful support if needed
No camera calibration profiles needed


Contact FilterPresets for support, additional help with installation, and more.



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