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Love Chloe Jane Original Presets

Creator: Love Chloe Jane

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Tropical Travel + Lifestyle Effects for Lightroom

Created by well-known lifestyle blogger and content creator Love Chloe Jane; these long-awaited presets have been made for Lightroom Desktop + Mobile to make your images consistently colourful, light, bright and happy. They are what Chloe uses for both her Instagram + her blog imagery.

The presets honour hues from nature, like pink sunset skies and turquoise ocean tones, and can be applied to a range of shots including fashion, travel, lifestyle, family and every day (including portraits!) Every one will change the look and feel of your photos with one click, but don’t be afraid of playing around with them to find your style! The way the pack is designed, at least two or three presets should suit every one of your photos and take your IG game to the next level!

  • 12 Travel + Lifestyle Lightroom Presets
  • File formats: .xmp (desktop) and .dng (mobile)
  • Vibrant, Colorful Tones
  • Bright and Happy
  • Light and Airy
  • Gentle Grain
  • Free Help Files and Support

These presets are compatible with Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos and can be used to edit images from your DSLR, GoPro or drone or straight from your phone.


Travel Lightroom Presets Included

  1. BEACH DAYS – designed to bring out vibrant turquoise hues, bright white sand and tanned, golden skin tones. Inspired by the beautiful beaches of South Australia.
  2. CREAMY– this preset is made to bring out warm, silky tones and enhance the richness of shots featuring neutral colours.
  3. FIERY SKIES – *sunset filter* – this ultra-saturated filter is suitable for sunrise and sunset photos: it makes any sky look like it lit up with beautiful pink flames.
  4. GOLDEN HOUR – a slightly desaturated filter with a contrast point, that gives skin-tones a deep and even hue and emulates that soft, golden-hour glow. Great for images featuring people and product shots.
  5. GREEN TROPICS– tropical green vibes perfect for every lush shot from waterfalls to rice-fields to rainforests to grassy hills. This filter takes out excess exposure from direct sunlight and gives photos a sharp, misty feel.
  6. HAPPY FOLK – suitable for most skin-tones and settings, this is a beautiful portrait filter made for whole-body shots. Think bright whites, deep, desaturated oranges and a nice amount of grain and sharpness.
  7. LIGHT AND BRIGHT – a little bit of added exposure, light and bright and airy vibes for days. Great for neutral tones and selfie shots.
  8. MELLOW YELLOW – warm, vibrant and desaturated, this present takes yellow tones down a notch and adds a snuggly feel to a range of lifestyle shots.
  9. MERMAID VIBES *underwater filter* – this filter is designed for underwater shots, it makes blues bright and vibrant and warms up skin-tones, coral and anything else that might exist below the ocean with you.
  10. SELF LOVE– a selfie filter designed to make your skin glow, your eyes pop and photos of your face look just as incredible as that sunshiney soul of yours.
  11. SPLASHY BLUE – a filter that brings out the cooler side of life! Perfect for tropical beachy shots and a real island vibe.
  12. SUNDOWN SESSION *sunset filter* – this filter brings out the fairyfloss hues hidden in any sunset photo, and adds them in if the sky is dull! Subtle, dreamy and based in pink, this is a favourite for sure.


Watch the video walkthrough on installing mobile presets!


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