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Made2Travel Lightroom Presets

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Travel Enhancements for Adobe Lightroom

Made by traveling photographer Diogo Dias, also known as @made2travel. These Lightroom Presets were created by Diogo after traveling the world to help re-create the feel and scenery of each place he visited.

Here’s a bit from Diogo, “My editing style is very travel dreamy inspired. Almost a surreal feel. I turn down the whites and highlights a lot to create a very smooth final product. I also have a very distinct tone curve that gives that perfect amount of edge in the highlights and fade in the blacks to give that exact punch you want. Then I normally change my greens to more yellow and pull the clarity up. I love to do this with forest or tropical pictures. It’s my style. All of them display the vibe I had in that exact spot when I was there. So for example the Bali preset is very much inspired by the country, its colors and the feel of the environment when I was there. Just like Dubai, Brisbane, Botswana and every single other one of the other presets. They are very real to me, it’s like my travel experiences packed into 12 beautiful and vibe-packed presets.”

Edit your photos from all over the world with these beautiful presets created by Diogo Dias.

  • 12 Travel Lightroom Presets
  • Sharp Effects
  • Colorful Tones
  • Bright/Airy
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos

Diogo has put together 12 awesome presets for you to test out and learn with. To learn more, continue reading his individual preset descriptions.

  • Many times the preset might look off because you still haven’t changed the picture’s exposure. Try moving the slider on exposure and see how it makes a difference ;)
  • The presets are named in a way in which it’s easy to choose them for a specific situation or environment. For example the Bali preset can be used better with forests or tropical environments. This is also the case for the Tropic Blues and the Jakarta presets.
  • The Abu Dhabi and Dubai presets are good for deserts or really orange environments, the exact environments I was in when I visited these places.
  • The Amazonas preset is to create a full green and lush feel that is very dreamy, just like when I was in Brazil.
  • The Brisbane, Botswana, Singapore and Vietnam presets are variations of the other ones but still have the amazing modified green pop and the dreamy feel. They also still work with pictures that have environments similar to ones in the specific preset country.
  • The last category is for mountains/snow/forests where you can use the Rockies preset to really bring out the whites and create a surreal dreamy winter or forest wonderland.
  • If you’re looking for a more saturated look that still goes with my theme then go for the Santorini preset! :D This was the exact feel I had when I went to Santorini just this past September.

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