Max Libertine Editorial & Portrait Capture One Styles

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Max Libertine Editorial & Portrait Capture One Styles

Creator: Max Libertine
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Style Package “EDITORIAL & PORTRAIT” for Capture One

The style package, “EDITORIAL & PORTRAIT,” was developed by swimwear and travel photographer MAX LIBERTINE over the course of 10 individual editorial, commercial and portrait shoots.

The styles cover a variety of surroundings and lighting conditions. Application range from sports photography in wooded areas, urban fashion, to shooting swimwear at the beach. They provide you with a great editing toolkit for the everyday use. The look of each style supports the individual purpose of the shoot it was created for. However all styles carry MAX LIBERTINE’s editing hand signature. All styles invoke a generally positive and uplifting outlook on life and provide the image with an elegant timeless and stylish look.

The styles of this package are carefully crafted and can handle a broad spectrum of lighting conditions. To adjust styles to your application use the exposure tool of Capture one. In some cases you might want to use the levels and contrast sliders for manual fine tuning as well.

Get started today with these incredible Capture One Styles from Max Libertine.

  • 10 Capture One Styles
  • Sharp Looks
  • Portrait Effects
  • Fashion/Editorial/Art/Portrait
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Capture One for Windows and Mac users. Capture One Styles are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.


  • Amo 6 | Amo 6 works well in the central European summer. The mood is generally very easy going and uplifting. The style specifically targets and lightens dark green, brown and yellow tones.
  • Björn 3 | This style is made for champions. Björn 3 was born for the portrait of an ultra long distance race champion. It delivers an overall high contrast and gritty look. At the same time it is lit and elegant.
  • Cliff  | This one is for the tourist in you. Imagine you are hiking the beach at high noon and find these amazing cliffs. It is clearly not the right time of day to shoot, the cliffs burn in saturated orange and greens but you only have this one shot. The style cliff safes your day and will bring out the true potential of your shoot. After applying this style the water pops out turquoise and the cliffs will look more refined.
  • Denis | This style is created for shooting portraits in half shade at the beach. You will receive a lit and sharp look.
  • Johanna 3 | Johanna 3 evokes Mediterranean flair: warm sand stone colors and steel blue skies.
  • Larissa 3 | This style produces a high fashion look with caramel and chocolate skin tones, soft light with a slight blue touch in the shadows.
  • Natacha 3 | Natacha 3 was created for the beach on overcast days. It is extremely sharp and elegant, with soft bright highlights and dark bronzed mid-tones.
  • Stinger | Stinger is for water-sports. When the sun is high and you have to shoot underexposed to save the highlights, Stinger is for you. It creates very pleasant water colors and recovers the shades.
  • Tanya 3 | Tanya 3 three is similar to Stinger. However it applies more to back light conditions.
  • Valeria 4 | This style is a fully developed fashion editorial filter for the late afternoon. It modifies blues, greens and orange skin tones and provides great contrast and lighting conditions.

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