Max Libertine Marrakech Capture One Styles


Max Libertine Marrakech Capture One Styles

Creator: Max Libertine


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Marrakech Inspired Fashion & Travel Styles for Capture One

“Marrakech” is a style (filter) package for Capture One RAW-comverters. The package was developed by fashion photographer MAX LIBERTINE while staying in Marrakech to shoot a lingerie fashion campaign.

The filter package includes styles for a variety of applications such as travel, life-style, people, portrait and fashion photography. The filters of this package are optimized for the typical available (natural)  lighting conditions and color pallets that can be found in Marrakech as well as many other places in Morocco and North Africa.

Get started today with these incredible Capture One Styles from Max Libertine.

  • 11 Capture One Styles
  • Sharp Looks
  • Portrait Effects
  • Skin Tones
  • Fashion/Editorial/Art/Portrait
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Capture One for Windows and Mac users. Capture One Styles are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

This pack of Styles features 11 incredible variations. Read each description below:

  • ARC | Is a daylight filter that produces an over all golden glow and skin tones.
  • COURTYARD | This filter was designed for the courtyard of a Riad. It blends and binds together available daylight with fresh greens and blues and smoothens out harsh highlights and dark shadows.
  • DELICATE | Similarly to ARC, this filter produces an overall golden glow and skin tones but is better suited for images taken in shade or half shade.
  • DIPPING POOL | This style for images shot in open shade looks very refreshing. The image will look brighter and especially turquoise, light blue and purple colors will pop.
  • ROOFTOP | This filter was designed for cityscapes. It balances out highlights and shades and harmonizes the color palette.
  • SOUK | This style is great for street style photography. It enhances warm colors and balances highlights and shades.
  • NAUGHTY VIEWS | A warm daylight filter with soft contrasts.
  • QAHUA | Skin tones as dark as freshly brewed coffee. This filter balances colors and produces consistent coffee, olive and caramel tones.
  • RIAD | This analogue filter for open shades favors caramel and lemon tones.
  • SECRETS | A warm filter for open shades that produces chocolate color skin tones.
  • SPICES | This style creates a triad color harmony from light blue, purple and gold tones.



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