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Nailikai is a couples made name formed by Nai`a Young-Kingsbury (@nai.frai) and Kilikai Ahuna (@kilikaiahuna). They’re media artist, capturing and documenting their adventures around the world and their home lands of Hawai`i.

This preset pack was designed for all types of environments; capturing a variety of essences and transforming your pictures. From black and white moods to faded vintage vibes to aesthetic color pops.

They named it “Medley” for a reason, bringing you an assortment of diverse edits to create strong looks and emotions through your art.

You don’t have to be a creator to use their presets, they made them for everyone and they’re are so excited to see all of you using them on your own amazing pictures!

For more example images of our filters, check them out at @nailikai or their blog

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.


B&W VOGUE :: Transform your pictures into high fashion “in the moment” captures with this stunning B&W preset based on the essence of VOGUE. This is one of our most- liked presets!

CONTOUR & SHINE :: Sometimes all you need are subtle enhancements to make big differences, like crisping outlines, brightening the shine areas, and contouring subjects to bring out a stunning but natural glow.

GREEN TEA GRAIN :: Not all pictures require a sharp and contrasted edit, sometimes what they need is a delicate, green-toned grain, low-vibrance look to satisfy the artistic side. Our Green Tea Grain preset is perfect for a simple, yet unique appearance to turn an ordinary picture into a statement masterpiece.

ISLAND VINTAGE :: Who doesn’t love island life? Add a little tropical vintage spice to your pictures, bringing out the delicate colors of the environment, enhancing a natural overall look, capturing that “in the moment” mood.

KOKONUTS 001 x 002 :: Both Kokonuts presets carry the same warm, low- vibrance, darkened, contrasted, strong, tropical tan tint vibe; both have their own minor adjustments to fit different lighting/environments.

LIONESS :: This preset is to bring out that lioness fierceness and elegance by tinting photos with a tannish shade and filling the colors wheels with browns, oranges, and yellows to create an overall warm look. Soft, natural, and beautiful, a perfect preset for portraits.

PEACHY :: Another one of our most-liked and easily repeatable presets. Useable in a number of environments, it does its job with each color wheel to create a balanced overall look and capture the vibe of the image, giving it a unique feel and making your pictures turn heads!



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