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Michael Gerber Turkey Lightroom Presets

$34 $19


Michael Gerber Turkey Lightroom Presets

$34 $19

Turkey Inspired Presets for Adobe Lightroom

These presets were created by adventure and nature photographer, Michael Gerber. Michael’s style is simple and clean, providing perfect, detailed edits on all of your adventure and lifestyle photos!

Here’s a little from Michael, “These presets are inspired by the wonderful colors of Turkey. The colors are aligned with some of the most vibrant places in the country, such as Istanbul or Cappadocia. The presets are perfect for every traveler, including popping colors, moody vibes and special filters for sunrises and sunsets.”

Start your adventure edits with Michael Gerber’s Turkey-inspired presets today!

  • 10 Lightroom Presets
  • Crisp Detail
  • Intricate Color
  • Adventure/Landscape/Nature
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Presets Included:

Bosphorus Sunsets | Enhancing the beautiful colors of a sunset – with soft tones.
Cappadocia Sunrises | Changing your sunrise into something magic, inspired by the colorful sunrises of Cappadocia.
Cappadocia Sunsets | This filter will adjust your sunset images, especially useful for dark images or when photographed against the sun.
Delusion | Creating a moody and almost otherworld-like look while giving your colors a bit more power.
Dusky Istanbul | The perfect preset for dusk in big cities. Modified during the dusk time of Istanbul.
Inception |  You have a boring picture and don’t really know what to do with it? Inception will give you another perspective and can change your image completely. Perfect to create interesting moods.
Midnight | Inspired by a mosque at night, this preset is a perfect option for photographs that were taken during night time.
Old-Fashioned | Next to some general image improvements, this filter will make your images look classic and a bit rustical. I like to use it for photographs that contain a lot of visual information.
Pamukkale Sunrises 1 | Creating a beautiful sunrise mood with mainly warm color tones, perfect for soft sunrise images.
Pamukkale Sunrises 2 | The alternative for my sunrise captures – that changes the image to something more powerful and eye-catching.
Popping Istanbul | This preset will, like the name says it, make your colors pop! Usable for almost every image!
Powerful | An extremely effective and strong filter to make your images come alive – especially useful when your image is a bit too dark. I like to use it for sunset and street photography.
Solo Traveler | A preset with mainly general changes, that will enhance your image while not overdoing it completely. For me, this filter is a great addition for solo travelers or the typical follow me images.
Standstill | Making your image standing still – including an extremely moody vibe. One of my all-time favorites.
Sunset Rocks | We all love sunsets – and you will love it even more with this filter! Inspired by some of my images captured on crazy cliffs in Turkey.


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