Mobile Lightroom Presets Dimiourgoi


Mobile Lightroom Presets Dimiourgoi

Creator: Anastasia Chatsatourian

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I am so excited to share with you my Presets! I created them with love and I will be happy if they make your images pop!
They are made for JPG or phone images and to be used in Lightroom Mobile App on your phone or tablet.

INFO: This pack is called DIMIOURGOI, meaning ‘creators’ in Greek.
In Greek mythology creators were often called gods, creatures, nymphs, muses, artists, craft-men. I created 10 presets and each of them is called as characters from the Greek mythology. Each story of them is so interesting worth reading on the web.

Aphrodite – goddess of love, passion and beauty
Ares – god of war
Artemis goddess of hunt and wild animals
Calypso nymph, detained Odysseus for 7 seven years
Daphne minor goddess, turned into a laurel tree to escape Apollo
Hecate goddess of witchcraft
Hades god of dead and the under world
Ikarus son of Daedalus, fell from the sky when his wax wings melted by the sun
Narcissus hunter who was known for his beauty and fell in love with his reflection in the river
Pythia high priestess of the temple of Apollo, Delphi, Oracle of Delphi


These presets are customized for your mobile or jpg photos and they give a film effect touch. This pack contains as natural and warm look presets like Aphrodite and more grainy and moody like Hecate. Two black n white and eight in color. They look extremely great on daylight images with soft or even harsh light.
Notice that a preset isn΄t always ”one-click” and done thing. Some photos need extra adjustments like exposure, white balance and color changes. All this depends on your personal taste and in the lighting conditions that the photo was taken.

INSTRUCTION TO DOWNLOAD: Download the ZIP file Mobile Lightroom Presets Dimiourgoi to your computer or to your device. You need to unzip the file first in order to download the presets. The presets are in DNG format.

If you are downloading them to your computer, unzip the file and then transfer the  DNG files to your device. (via google drive, dropbox, wetransfer, gmail…) or unzip the folder straight on your device if you have this option.

Next open the Lightroom app and import the all the dng files.

Open each file into editing mode.

Go to Presets(end right)

Press the three dots up right, press ‘create preset’.

Name your preset and press done. Do the same with the rest. You will have in total 10 presets.

Well done! You just saved your preset. Now import your photo and start editing with presets Dimiourgoi!


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