MOBILE Nature Lightroom Presets by @jeferstellari


MOBILE Nature Lightroom Presets by @jeferstellari

Creator: Jeferson Silva Castellari

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Beautiful Macro Nature Effects for Adobe Lightroom

Made by Italian, nature and macro photographer, Jeferson Silva Castellari! These presets are great for editing macro images and any natural photos taken outdoors.

This bundle includes presets compatible with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App!

Here’s a few words from Jeferson, “Since it is not easy to find good presets for macro and animal photography, I had to do my own preset pack, useful for everyone keen on nature photography. My presets have been inspired by the classic “Teal & Orange” editing style, but they have been fixed for animals/natural environments.

Create beautiful macro-photo edits with these beautiful presets created by Jeferson Silva Castellari.

  • 12 Lightroom Presets
  • Natural Feels
  • Crisp Detail
  • Macro Nature/Travel
  • Free Help Files and Support

Mobile Lightroom Presets

You can use these Lightroom Mobile Presets in the free Lightroom CC App by adding the .dng files included in your download to the Lightroom Mobile app.

The only thing that you need to do is unzip the file and open the “Mobile Presets” folder on your phone. You can do this with an app like Google Drive or Dropbox. Then add that folder into your “Lightroom CC” App and Voila!… you can copy the Settings (Presets) from those photos and paste them easily to the photos that you want to edit.. all in a matter of seconds and with your phone.

This product is compatible with RAW and JPEG photos, both on iOS and Android devices.

My presets are designed for beginners and experienced photographers who are looking for a unique way of editing

Presets Included:

  • Basic | Applies basic settings for a “neutral” Teal & Orange 
  • Cold | Improves the cold tones. Use it for bad weather photos 
  • Pastel | Gives a soft pastel warm mood to the picture
  • Portrait | Conveys natural skin tones, highlights the shadow areas (no Teal & Orange)
  • Punchy | Improves the strong areas of the photo, highlights colors and details to make your photo stand out
  • Sharp | Makes your details emerge with decision 
  • Soft | Smooth the edges for a fairytale look
  • Special | My favorite filter by far! It is my most used preset, you will adore it!
  • Strong | Use it carefully, recommended for pics with low attitude 
  • Sunset | Ideal for sunsets/sunrises. Warm colors and soft lights 
  • Vivid | Improve the colors of your photos with this filter!
  • Warm | Recommend for photos with warm tones. Delicate light and soft warm colors


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