MPthecomebackid’s Moody Autumn LR Presets

MPthecomebackid’s Moody Autumn LR Presets

Creator: Mike Poggioli

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The Moody Autumn collection contains 9 Lightroom Classic Desktop & Mobile presets that have been carefully crafted over the past several seasons of travel and exploration. Compatible with all desktop versions of Lightroom & Lightroom Mobile.

The presets in this pack are diverse enough to be the only filters you’ll need for editing your fall images for years to come. The pack is divided into three categories with two bonus light hits.

– First, you’ll get three basesets that will instantly serve as a foundation for your edits. I call them my ‘Film’ sets because they are meant to cast a VSCO-like filter onto the image.

– Second, you’ll get three of my classic MPthecomebackid moody autumn presets. These don’t hold back with dark, crushed black tones and isolated pops of orange and reds. These are perfect for that dimly-lit scene in the middle of the forest, or that cityscape at golden hour.

– Third, you’ll see three “Foliage Transforming” presets. That’s right, they take an image of green spring or summer leaves and transform them into vivid yellow, orange, or red! This is great for when you have an image you’d really like to fit into your fall collection but was taken out of season.

– As a bonus, I’ve included an “Autumn Glow” light hit that uses a radial filter to automatically illuminate the stunning autumn scene.

Each preset will act as a starting point for your edits, speed up your workflow, and give you that moody style with pops of warm color that you’re after. Feel free to improve your editing by working in reverse from the preset to better grasp Lightroom and my workflow.

Remember that every preset should be used as a foundation to work off.  Presets are not meant to be a ‘one and done’ solution. You will have to fine-tune certain settings, like exposure, white balance, shadows, whites, and blacks under the ‘Basic’ panel to get your desired look.

With that being said, I have created some editing tutorials where I will show you exactly how I edit my photos using these presets. Keep an eye out because I will be creating more tutorials where I show you my entire editing workflow in the links provided by Filtergrade as time goes on!

The Moody Autumn Collection contains:


  1. MP-01 (Faded)

Reminiscent of a foggy autumn morning. This preset crushes the black tones down to grays and will give the fall colors a faded for an overall vintage vibe.

  1. MP-02 (Sepia)

This preset delivers a muted brown look to the image, perfect for a late autumn rainy evening.

  1. MP-03 (Blues)

The ‘Blues’ film serves as the basis for many of my other presets. This one slightly adjusts the temperature of the dark tones to cooler blues that contrast well with the colors of autumn. This is my most versatile film, and I’d encourage you to apply it to a range of scenes and seasons.


  1. Chasing Colors

This is the brightest, playful of my moody presets. It goes a bit easier on the dark, moody tones, gives mid-tones a metallic grayish-blue hue, while still softly highlighting the warmer tones of the photo.

  1. Looking Glass

This preset was fashioned originally for Looking Glass Falls in North Carolina. It darkens the image overall and isolates the oranges, but still leaves some greens and other colors.

  1. Dark Leaf

True to its name, this preset is the darkest in the collection. It adds a vignette but also brings more warmth than the Looking Glass preset.


  1. Red Foliage, 8. Orange Foliage, and 9. Yellow Foliage

These three do virtually the same thing – transform the season of the image! There are three different versions you can use, each of which will turn the greens of your shot to become predominantly yellow, orange, or red. These are not as flexible as the other presets, so I’d advise you to use them for foliage that has not changed its color yet. With that said, when I’ve experimented with these, there have been some pretty pleasing results with photos of already turned fall foliage. Have fun!


10 & 11. Autumn Glow (Light Hit – Radial Filter)

You’ll get two of the same light hits- one to provide some top light for landscape orientation, and the other, for an image in portrait. If you know my style, I add a backlit glowing effect whenever I can. You can move these radial filters around to get the desired look. You can also duplicate it or strengthen the “glow” by increasing the exposure and warmth.

12. Last, you’ll receive five guided LR video tutorials where I walk you through each preset and show you exactly how I use each one. You’ll find several of my raw images to practice with too! I’ll be dropping more tutorials where you can see exactly how I edit them and other images! 

Check out more of my work and regular updates about editing and tutorials!

Instagram: @mpthecomebackid


For technical assistance, check out this video for learning how to install LR presets into the Lightroom CC App (DNG).

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