mufama’s best lightroom presets.


mufama’s best lightroom presets.

Creator: mufama.

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10 BEST PRESETS for adobe lightroom.

Presets that bring professionality for all types of photos. Created by a storyteller, videographer and photographer mufma.

Once upon a time mufama heard that an image has more than 1000 words so he thought: “if one frame is equal to 1000 words, I can creat a big story creating images”. That’s why he started his adventure in the art world, expressing himself creating shortfilms and capturing images.

And now he wants to share some of his tricks converting basic images to professional photos:

10 prests based in his shortfilms and episodes (compatibility with Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Classic).



mufama's presets names

  • halo.
    • VISUALS OF ANOTHER WORLD: brings us galaxy and soft colors.
  • play.
    • KEEP IT BLUE: kills the warm colors to bring us a perfect blue.
  • vive.
    • LIVE YOUR LIFE: bring the real colors of the sunsets to your photographs.
  • somebody.
    • TRYIN’ TO BE SOMEBODY: highlights the essence of the human being.
  • dirty vibe.
    • BLACK AND WHITE: even in the dark there is light.
  • people.
    • KNOWING THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW THE WORLD: mixing halo with a vintage look.
  • belleza.
    • NATURAL IS BEAUTY: bring natural colors to your eyes.
  • renacimiento.
    • BE REBORN: desaturate to be reborn the photo.
  • freedom.
    • BE FREE TO CHOOSE YOUR DESTINATION: colors of somebody and play.


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