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12 High quality Lightroom presets for MACRO & CLOSE UP photography by @jeferstellari

Hi, my name is Jeferson (@jeferstellari). I have been passionate about photography for more than 7 years, and I have been photographing flowers, insects and everything that is small and colorful for more than 7 years. Over time I have created a series of precious presets to speed up my editing, because I prefer to spend my time photographing rather than retouching photos. I have continued to perfect these presets over the years up to the current version and today I am very proud of the result because now they no longer need any retouching, they are perfect like that!

In this collection there are 12 presets for Lightroom (desktop + mobile version) created especially for macro & close up photography:

  1. Moderate editing“: for basic editing for photos that do not need much tweaking.
  2. Details“: highlights the details of your macros.
  3. More details“: if the “Details” preset is not enough …
  4. Texture up“: enhances the texture.
  5. Delicate touch“: maintains the details of the subject and gives an overall soft touch.
  6. Cherry“: brightens the tones of the flat picture.
  7. Bright“: brings more brightness and shine.
  8. Dramatic“: reduces brightness and highlights shadows for a “dramatic” touch.
  9. Retro“: reduced saturation and whites + increased grain to give a vintage touch.
  10. Blue“: emphasizes blues for artistic macros.
  11. Black & white“: transform your photos into beautiful black and white images.
  12. Food & beverage“: useful for photos of food and drinks.

The settings are set to act only on lights, shadows, whites, blacks, details etc. without changing the colors of your photographs (except for creative presets like “Blue” or “Black & white“).

These presets should be used as the first step of your workflow, after which, if you deem it necessary, you can make the latest changes to your photos.

After placing the order, you will need to download the .zip file, unzip the folder, after which you can load the presets on Lightroom. The files are in .xmp format for the desktop version and .DNG for the mobile version.

Download my presets, take your shots to the next level and enjoy editing!


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