Nhan Duong’s Film Recall Mobile Lightroom Presets


Nhan Duong’s Film Recall Mobile Lightroom Presets

Creator: Christian Duong

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Created by a wanderlust photographer Nhan Duong. These presets is inspired by beautiful places that Nhan Duong went to and his pure love for negative film.

With the soft grain and low contrast, these are great for daylight shooting. If you are the one who tend to capture pure moments, with pretty high contrast, switch to Black and White develop.

Start editing your life moments with these film recall presets by Nhan Duong.

8 Film Recall Lightroom Presets

Film Recall trilogy


Vivid Negative


Black and White

These presets work directly within the Lightroom Mobile app. Import the .dng photos to your mobile app to save the presets and apply them to your own photos! Get Lightroom Mobile for iOS and Android.


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