Nick Verbelchuk Mobile Lightroom Presets

Nick Verbelchuk Mobile Lightroom Presets

Creator: Nick Verbelchuk

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Inspirational Lifestyle Tones for Adobe Lightroom Mobile!

This beautiful bundle of presets was custom made by photographer Nick Verbelchuk! They are the perfect presets for inspirational, warm photos and on-th-go edits. These filters are ideal for all of your travel and lifestyle photos! Whether you are shooting portraits, landscapes, or memories around you, this diverse collection is sure to get your photos looking clean and professional. With a wide variety of options, you are bound to find the perfect preset for your photo! Add incredible lifestyle effects with these filters from Nick Verbelchuk.

  • 10 MOBILE Lightroom Presets
  • Travel Filters
  • Lifestyle Tones
  • Crisp Blues
  • Seasonal Tones
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This product is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Included in this bundle you will get 10 custom Lightroom Presets made from scratch with care and effort by Nick. Here is a little bit on each individual preset and how they will effect your photo:

[Blues] creates a saturated adventure vibe that includes grain and a focus on color.
[Deep Mood] adds a deep forest mood to your shots.
[Direct Sun] that perfect filter for your sunny images. Leveling shadows and exposure.
[Dusk] adds a warmer, grain tone to those last light moments.
[Night Life] providing an aqua blue color tone for your milky galaxy images.
[OH] your go-to filter for every style of photos. Great for portraits and landscape.
[Iceland] creating a moody glow for your adventure images. Works great for all Iceland content.
[OH II] adds a bit more warmth to your shot.
[Fall] creating a warm and saturated glow to your seasonal images.
[Mood] adds a darker tone to your photos. Can also be good on a portrait with a bit of tweaking.

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