NICOTEMERE Lightroom Presets

NICOTEMERE Lightroom Presets

Creator: Nicolas Koehler


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The Color Boost for your Travel Photos!

Custom landscape and lifestyle Presets designed by german traveller and photographer, Nicolas Koehler aka nicotemere. Nico’s presets will add an ocean blue touch and color boost to your landscape, lifestyle and portrait photos like no other.

Here is a bit more from Nicolas about his Presets: “I created these 10 (+1 bonus) presets during the last two years traveling all throughout Europe. Therefore all of my presets work on a large variety of photos, ranging from sunny landscape photos made in Spain and Portugal, over architectural photos from Paris and Amsterdam to moody mountain photos made in Austria and Switzerland. They even work on portrait photos in nature.

Start your edits with these useful Presets from Nicolastemere.

  • 11 Unique Lightroom Presets
  • Colorful Tones
  • Crisp Looks
  • Travel/Adventure

Continue below to see what’s included in your bundle!

  1. Wanderlust: The go to preset for most of my landscape or nature photos. Gives your photos a subtle orange teal effect, makes all your colors pop and gives you the iconic Ocean blue color grade.
  2. Ever-glow: Works great on landscape or architecture photos. Adds a soft warm tone to your photo.
  3. Aurora: Works best on sunset photos to lift your colors in the sky, but can also used to create a more moody daylight photo.
  4. Serendipity: Works on every photo from nature to architecture and portraits. Applies all the necessary basic settings to your photo to start editing from there on.
  5. Solivagant: The best preset for natural colored portraits. Adds an orange teal effect to the photo and the adjustable radial filters make your model(s) stand out from the background! (Also works on animals, such as wild animals, birds and pets.)
  6. Liberosis: A two sided preset. It can ever give you a really fancy 90s look or (if you adjust the white balance) a faded portrait or landscape look.
  7. Dark World: Works best on landscapes and portraits. Gives your photos a more moody tone and darkens up the image. (Can also work wonders if you got blown out skies or over exposed photos.)
  8. Dreamworld: Works really good on a variety of different landscapes. Applies a sunny orange teal clarity boost to your photo.
  9. Aubade: Works best on architecture photos or landscape shots. Adds a nice faded and a subtle orange teal look to the photo.
  10. Sounder: Works best on nature photos. Applies a pink and teal effect to the photo and turns your greens into an orange tone.
  11. B52: (Bonus preset for your DJI DRONE PHOTOS) Apply this preset to any of your drone Photos to boost the colors, the sharpness and get the most out of the natural colors in your Photo!

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG Photos.

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