Nordic LUT pack (Log and Rec709) by Till Daling

Nordic LUT pack (Log and Rec709) by Till Daling

Creator: Till Daling

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Nordic LUT pack (Log footage and Rec709)

After building the initial 10 cinema grades in 2020 (They are available for free on my website). This year, it was time to add 5 more, the Nordic countries had quite an influence on the way I have been editing.

Without further due, here is how it looks on log (more specific for S-Log 3 of sony cameras) and rec709 footage.

You can also see more of it in my recent YouTube videos.

And well, the LOG version

What you will get?

Five LUTs in three versions for Log footage named and inspired by the countries and regions Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Siberia, and Alaska. Their main use is for outdoor/cinematic footage without being too destructive in regard to skin tones.

The different versions are for Log, Rec709, and Rec709-con.


The LUTs for log footage are based on S-Log 3 (using an A7RIV) with overexposure of +1.3 to plus +1.7. If you are working with lower exposed footage, you may have to adjust the brightness of the image using curves (see adjusting exposure). 


These LUTs are based on converted LOG footage with slight overexposure to enable you to choose how much intensity of the LUT is needed for the picture profile you are filming in (How to for DavinciResolve, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro)

Generally, these LUTs might also need some adjustment in terms of exposure (same as the Log LUTs). In any regard, they will most likely deliver the best results on footage with slight overexposure. 


These LUTs are a slightly tweaked, less contrasty version of the regular Rec709 LUTs. In case that the exposure adjustments do not work like you would want them to. In that regard, with less contrast, these LUTs will generally appear slightly brighter than the Rec709 version.

Apart from that, I also attached a little guide on how to get the most out of the LUTs :)

Cheers from a cabin in Norway,

Till :)

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