Orgl Desgn Lightroom Presets

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Orgl Desgn Lightroom Presets

Creator: Orgl Design
(1 customer review)

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Soft Tones for Adobe Lightroom

This bundle of Adobe Lightroom Presets was created by photographer Orgl Desgn! Whether you’re shooting landscapes, lifestyles, or portraits, these presets are sure to clear up your photos and add some beautiful tones.

Here’s a little bit from Orgl Desgn, “Have you ever wondered how Instagram photographers edited their photos? No matter how hard you tried to edit but it’s not getting similar to theirs. I know your struggle. Cause I’ve been there myself. But I’ve figured it out after a long journey of taking a photograph and experimenting different kind of color gradings. And I wanted to share what I’ve found to the world. Here I’m presenting my 11+1(Bonus) Best Presets that I use on my photos every-time. Each preset has its own unique look and purpose. So you can color grade your images with a variety of choices.”

Clean up your photos with these awesome photo filters from Orgl Desgn.

  • 12 Lifestyle Lightroom presets
  • Warm/Cool Tones
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Lifestyle/Adventure
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

  • Preset 1 | Yellowish color dominated. Will give autumn vibe to an image. Suitable for wide range of images.
  • Preset 2 | Will give an image desaturated look. Low highlight, high shadows
  • Preset 3 | Brownish looking preset. Suitable for wide range of images.
  • Preset 4 | Inspired this look from Brandon Woelfel. Will affect better to an tungsten light indoor images. If the look is too much then you can adjust the temperature slider to suit it better.
  • Preset 5 | Green tint dominated. Very soft effects on photos. If you’re willing to give an image very soft effect then this is the best preset for you.
  • Preset 6 | Variety of famous Teal and Orange look. Strong effect.
  • Preset 7 | Very high contrasted effect. Will lift your images’ contrast very high.
  • Preset 8 | Suited for taken an image during a sunset(golden hour). Low temperature to erase the warm tones.
  • Preset 9 | High shadows and blacks. Soft looking preset.
  • Preset 10 | Suitable for street photography. Especially with a grey colored surrounding.
  • Preset 11 | Another preset for street photography. Low highlight, low exposure and low black.
  • Bonus Preset | Made for an image that taken in a tungsten light.

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1 review for Orgl Desgn Lightroom Presets

  1. Jesse

    Really useful presets. You will not regret it!

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