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Portrait Series: Head Shot Capture One Styles by Mark Binks

Portrait Series: Head Shot Capture One Styles by Mark Binks


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Crisp Head Shot Effects for Capture One

These detailed corporate styles were created by fashion and portrait photographer, Mark Binks. Create beautiful, professional headshots and crisp portraits with these incredible Capture One Styles.

This bundle was made for the photographers looking for a unique styles bundle to edit their head shots and other portraits. The styles will help portray unique tones and will also help to depict a certain mood or emotion. Mark has included black & white effects along with crisp, business-professional looks as well.

Start your editing workflow with these professional portrait effects from Mark Binks.

  • 9 Capture One Styles
  • Skin Tones
  • Studio Lighting Effects
  • Crisp Detail
  • Studio/Head Shot/Portrait
  • Free Support

Included Capture One Styles

BROOKLYN | High contrast, very sharp, black and white style.
CHICAGO | Cinematic high contrast style, color balanced with cyans and oranges MAINE – Perfectly balanced medium contrast style for crisp, polished head shots.
MIAMI | Soft warm style with hints of violet in the shadows
PHILLY | Modern, desaturated, high contrast style.
PORTLAND | Medium contrast style with punchy colors.
SEATTLE | Low contrast, very soft, black and white style.
SOCAL | Color balanced style with heavy emphasis on reds, oranges and violets. WALL STREET – Punchy, bright high contrast style great for hard light.
WALL STREET | Punchy, bright high contrast style great for hard light.


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