ProGradeFilters: Summer (Lightroom Presets + Lr Mobile)

ProGradeFilters: Summer (Lightroom Presets + Lr Mobile)

Creator: Pro Grade Filters

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Summer & Bright Effect Presets for Lightroom + Lr Mobile

Turn a normal photo taken in any season into a professional looking warm, bright, natural Summer vibe with ease.  Created by Pro Grade Filters.  Includes both .xmp Lightroom Presets and .dng Lightroom Mobile Presets!

Designed to replicate various stages of natural daytime sunlight from peak to golden hour.  They are crafted for outdoor and properly lit photography and work great for portraits and landscapes.

  • 10 Lightroom Presets (.xmp)
  • 10 Lightroom Mobile Presets (.dng) – for those without an Adobe Creative Cloud account, works with free Lightroom Mobile app on iOS & Android.
  • Warm, Glowing Tanned Skin Tones
  • Beautifully Natural Sun Simulation
  • Golden Hour Appearances
  • Free Help & Support File

This bundle includes .xmp and .dng files.  This product is compatible with Lightroom CC (desktop and mobile) and Lightroom Classic CC.  Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

The inclusion of the .dng files in all of the packs from Pro Grade Filters presets means you can still use these professional presets with the free Lightroom CC Mobile app for iOS or Android for fast editing on the go even if you don’t have an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Presets Included:
RMRP11 – Height of Summer
RMRP12 – Piercing Super Blues
RMRP13 – Punchy Summer Seas
RMRP14 – Super Summer Punch I
RMRP15 – Super Summer Punch II
RMRP17 – Warm & Happy
RMRP18 – Warm & Happy Vintage
RMRP19 – Warm & Happy Vintage Beaches
RMRP20 – Rose & Turquoise Tones
RMRP21 – Rose Tones


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Note from Pro Grade Filters:
“Equally at home in a professional or amateur’s repertoire.  When I design these presets I make sure I apply them to so many varying types, styles and exposures of captured and stock images and tweak along the way until the results are stunning and they work diversely.  Inevitably some just don’t make the final cut and remain unreleased. I never create a preset on one image then hope it worked on others, there’s nothing worse.  These are pro level.

What you see is what you get with my presets so if you applied any of them to the same stock photo you’d get the exact same result, no extra editing, no radial filters, gradients, masking or spot editing within the presets or on any of the previews images shown, just simply the preset applied and nothing else. 

Whether you are a top level pro photographer, editor, in media, shoot stock photos and need to get them out fast on the road, work exclusively on Lightroom CC Mobile app on iOS or Android without a Creative Cloud subscription or use the desktop version, or are simply an amateur/learning, having these in your arsenal is essential”.

– Ryan, Pro Grade Filters. 


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