PUGLIA Capture One Styles by MAX LIBERTINE


PUGLIA Capture One Styles by MAX LIBERTINE

Creator: Max Libertine

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Editorial Fashion Styles

Puglia has to offer breathtaking land and cityscapes as well as beautiful nature: Ancient villages with whitewashed houses sitting on top of steep cliffs above the blue ocean, colourful fishing boats on white sand beaches, and lush green plantations of flowers, fruits and olives.

The styles pack “PUGLIA” builds on typical Apulien color palettes and creates a sophisticated, nostalgic and cinematic vibe. The pack includes nine color and one black and white filters to work with Capture One RAW-converters. Created by Max Libertine.


  • Cactus is an edgy fashion filter with high contrast. It produces deep brown skin tones and icy highlights. It works well with green backdrops and soft light conditions.

  • Fisherwoman builds on the typical color palette the Apulien fisher boats: blue, green, red. It balances skin tones and shades for shooting people in bright sun light in urban environment.

  • Fishingboats – With a construction similar to the filter Fisherwoman, the filter Fishingboats is clearly build for the beach environment. It comes with stronger contrasts and takes better care to balance the highlights of the scene.

  • Lace & Flowers was build for a romantic photo shoot in a garden. It creates a light warm yellow look with icy highlights. The shades are significantly lightened up and green and red tones less saturated.

  • Monopoli creates a typical cinematic nostalgic Italian look. With whitewashed houses, and turquoise water this filter relates to the classic picture book look of Apulian towns.

  • Polignano I is a high contrast black and white filter. This filter was created to balance out harsh and less than ideal lighting conditions during bright daylight. It delivers a classy cinematic black and white look.

  • Polignano III is an impressive daylight filter with a blue orange color palette. It can be used to shoot people and landscapes and produces well balanced, images with great color contrast.

  • Polignano IV was created for the main beach in Polignano a Mare with its stunning whitewashed houses, towering on steep cliffs above the main beach and sea. The filter enhances contrast and fades green and yellow tones while maintaining a fairly natural look.

  • Polignano V was created for the main beach in Polignano a Mare. However compared to the Polignano IV filter this style is more edgy and extreme. Shades are reduced to a minimum and the color palette is mainly reduced to orange and blue tones. It works very well for impressive land- and cityscapes.

  • Streets of Monopoli is a fairly natural looking filter designed for shooting in narrow streets during midday. It produces strong colorful mid tones and brightens up the overall scenery while preserving the highlights.

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