Retro Photocopy Effect

Retro Photocopy Effect

Creator: Pixelbuddha


Sometimes the defective photocopy paper sheets turn out to look like the most retro or grunge compositions! And it’s accomplished without any intentions or efforts whatsoever. How about taming the random accident and turning it into a deliberate distortion? Start with our Photocopy Effect for Photoshop!

Run your files through the retro scanning machine to receive your photos, illustrations, or texts worn and artistically ragged. The distortion settings are all premade; try them out to understand what you want the assets to look like. Besides, you’ll be excited to find extra 52 duotone effects, highlighting the grainy texture of the distorted photocopy. Adjusting the effect is super easy, leaving you with a gazillion of options to work with, getting a different result each time.

What’s inside?

  • high-quality PSD effect;
  • applicable to graphics and texts;
  • layer settings with scanner distortions;
  • 52 duotone effects;
  • 4500×3000 px, 300 dpi;
  • help file.


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