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Rocket Rooster Glass Effect Video Overlays
Rocket Rooster 6K glass effect video overlays
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glass gaussian video overlays
bokeh and glass effects for video productions
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Rocket Rooster Glass Effect Video Overlays


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6K RAW Glass Effects and Bokeh Overlays!

Choose from 40+ glass effect overlays for cool creative transitions and effects. Created by the talented team at Rocket Rooster. Works in any editing software, all you need to do is place the effect video over your footage and set the blend mode to screen! These effects were shot on Red in 6K RAW.

If you’re looking for a way to add depth and detail to a dramatic scene or segment, add some overlays and play with the blend modes. You can create the perfect visual effect to complete the scene.


  • 40+ unique video overlays
  • Brushed glass and bokeh movements
  • Shot with RED camera in 6K RAW
  • Easy to blend with visual projects
  • Add professional details to complete a video

WARNING: Large file size warning. Your download includes 6 .zip files between 1-2 GB each.

Product Compatibility

Works in any video editing software with blend mode capabilities. Just set the blend mode to ‘Screen’ to overlay your effects. Programs like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and others work great!

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