Russell Cardwell Faded 01 LUTs

Russell Cardwell Faded 01 LUTs

Creator: Russell Cardwell


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Faded Tones for Video Editors

These incredible video editing LUTs were created by Russell Cardwell, digital and film professional with much of his work focusing on portraits and fashion.

Here is a little bit about the LUTs from Russell himself, “These LUTs derive from my Photoshop workflow. For the past few years has been built on LUTs. Before that, I saved actions and stacks of adjustment layers to serve as starting points. I created these LUTs from my actions and stacks of adjustment layers.​”

Get started today with these professional LUTs from Russell Cardwell.

This pack includes:

  • 15 Faded Video LUTs – (3DL & .cube)
  • Washed Out Looks
  • Retro/Vintage Styles
  • In-Depth Help Guide
    • Free How to Use & Install Guide for Photoshop and Luminar!

LUTs Included in the Faded 01 Pack:

  1. Chocolate Shake | Matte with chocolate brown shadows.
  2. Pink Parfait | Matted shadows and extreme highlight compression, pinkish cast.
  3. Noon Wash | Matted highlights and extreme compression of shadows, reduced saturation.
  4. Attic Print | Crushed highlights and shadows with slight pinkish toning to both.
  5. Neutral Wash | Crushed blacks with neutral matte.
  6. Brown Wash | Strongly crushed blacks, reduced contrast and saturation, neutral matte.
  7. Neutral Evening | Crushed blacks and highlights, reduced contrast and saturation, brown matte, slightly teal-blue cast.
  8. Paler Fashion | Desaturated skin tones, reduced contrast, crushed highlights and shadows, slightly bluish matte.
  9. Bright Crush | Crushed blacks and lifted blues, bluish/magenta matte.
  10. Mattie’s Finish | Desaturated mids and highlights with teal/blue shadows, shadows and blacks lifted and slightly matted.
  11. Plum Pudding | Strongly crushed blacks with plum shadows.
  12. Faded Autumn | Low contrast, lifted shadows, neutral matte.
  13. Purple Shadow | Monochrome, dark with blue shadows and blacks.
  14. Muted Teal | Crushed blacks and highlights, muted colors, neutral matte and toning.
  15. Sun Faded | Brightens and expands dynamic range with film-like curves, desaturates skin tones. Midday window light effect.



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