Skin Retouching Brushes (Set of 6)

Skin Retouching Brushes (Set of 6)

Creator: Chris Corridore


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I have been a professional retoucher for a decade working on projects big and small,
from simple studio headshots to the Adobe Lightroom cover art. 
For myself, maintaining skin texture has always been a time wasting struggle. 
I find the default brushes in Photoshop don’t lend themselves well to retouching as they are very flat and texture-less.
To solve the problem I have created this set of brushes capable of handling all types of skin edits. 
The beauty is how effortlessly skin texture is enhanced and maintained without the look of artificial retouching.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
With natural grain edges and real skin texture, 
these brushes will blend seamlessly with image detail. 
They work well with all Photoshop tools such as 
the clone stamp, dodge, burn, and sharpen.


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