Skyler Sion Lightroom Presets

Skyler Sion Lightroom Presets

Creator: Skyler Sion


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25 LR Presets compatible through Adobe Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.

Adjust Light settings as needed per photo. Mostly exposure, contrasthighlights, & shadows.

(After preset is applied.)

Custom photo filters with cool, dramatic effects for portraits and lifestyle scenes. Created by Skyler Sion. Follow @skylersion.


Instructions for importing: 

 – Once downloaded, Unzip the SjS Presets Folder and save the .xmp files.

 – Open Lightroom Classic.

 – Ensure you have atleast one photo in your Library.

 – Now go to the Develop tab -> Presets Tab ->  click on the small plus sign next to Presets.

 – Click on “Import Presets…” 

 – Select all of the SjS Preset .xmp files, click “Import” and all the Presets will appear in their own group and be ready for use!


Note: If you use Lightroom CC on your desktop/laptop instead of Lightroom Classic, the process is identical. Except, if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you can sync the presets to your Lightroom Mobile app. Read the tutorial for syncing with mobile here.

I hope you enjoy these presets and they inspire you to get out and create some images! (:


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