Sony FS5 LUTs Pack

Sony FS5 LUTs Pack

Creator: michelangelotorres


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Sony FS5 LUTs Pack

A set of LUTs specifically created for the Sony FS5.
You can choose from a variety of looks: from retro to black and white, from clean to film emulation, and so on; this pack also contains a LOG to Rec709 conversion LUT

Created by Michelangelo Torres.

Here’s what you will find:

FS5 BnW Classic
FS5 Creamy and Warmy
FS5 Film Emulation 1
FS5 Film Emulation 2
FS5 Film Emulation 3
FS5 Film Emulation 4
FS5 Film Emulation 5
FS5 Log to Rec709
FS5 Street Wise
FS5 Teal and Orange
FS5 Vintage 1
FS5 Vintage 2
FS5 Vintage 3
FS5 Vintage 4
FS5 Vintage 5

Compatible with Sony FS5
Camera Profiles: best results with S-Log 3

These .cube LUTs will work with the Sony FS5 Log profile and can be used on DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and other video editing programs that support .cube LUTs. More: After Effects, Speedgrade, LumaFusion, Nuke, etc.

Created by talented videographer, Michelangelo Torres. Be sure to check out his Instagram and Vimeo for more updates.


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