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Stewart Clementz Sunday Brunch Lightroom Presets (Desktop + Mobile)
Sunday Brunch Lightroom Presets (Desktop + Mobile)
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Stewart Clementz Sunday Brunch Lightroom Presets (Desktop + Mobile)


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Film Emulation Presets for Desktop & Mobile

A preset pack with 5 filters for everyday use, created by Stewart Clementz. Follow @stewcaldo on Instagram.

Each preset has a unique purpose and ability. Take a look at the descriptions below and scroll through the previews to view additional graphics for each preset showing the preferred usage.

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  • Beverly: A filter shamelessly made for bloggers.
  • Rodeo: The closest thing you’ll get to film. A crossroad between your normal lifestyle photos and the disposables you always forget to develop.
  • Sunset: A versatile preset for indoor, outdoor, harsh light, shaded light, cloudy days, paparazzi flash, and anything else you can think of.
  • Santa Monica: My personal favorite, gives skin tones a natural warm glow and is consistent throughout every photo.
  • Hollywood: A soft filter that gives you the spray tan you always wanted. Lightly faded shadows and eye catching highlights.


  • Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC (desktop .xmp presets)
  • Lightroom CC (mobile .dng presets)

Watch a video walkthrough for importing mobile presets


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