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Suraj Ghosh Lightroom Presets


Visual Effects and Presets for Adobe Lightroom

This bundle of Lightroom Presets was put created by photographer, graphic designer, and visual artist,  Suraj Ghosh. Use these effects to produce futuristic looks and outlandish edits!

Here’s a bit from Suraj, “I am a Visual Artist! I always try to create something that is just impossible to capture with a camera. My work is inspired by a lot of other artists and my imagination! I have been doing this for while now and I really love creating pictures that amaze people. Till now I have received a great response from my Instagram followers and they have been really supportive too.

My editing style has evolved a lot since I started with visual arts and I really like contrasting and punchy colors and that’s basically my editing style! Although most of the time I really like to bring up those teals and pinks. I try to give my pictures a dreamy effect by adding a soft haze, mostly through the tone curve! My editing style is a little bit towards the darker side and I really like to bring down the shadows and highlights, this helps a lot to pull up those punchy colors. Sometimes I tend to reduce the noise from the image completely.”

Start editing with these awesome presets from Suraj Ghosh today!

  • 5 Clean Lightroom Presets
  • Clean Looks for Portraits
  • Futuristic Effects
  • Teal & Orange
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Suraj has included five unique presets in this bundle for you to learn and experiment with. To learn more about the presets, continue reading below.

  • Dark Thunder | As the name already tells us that this preset will give the picture a little dark effect. This preset pulls up some amount of teal and gives a really good vignette effect. The hues for oranges and reds are really good in this preset.
  • Dusky Purple | This preset has a lot of purples in it, including the shadows and highlights. The exposure tends to get higher in this preset and gives the blues a really sweet effect.
  • Pink Mist | Does not change the overall picture much but adds a really subtle pink effect in the highlights and changes the overall hues of all the colors a little bit, specially the blues and oranges.
  • Teal and Orange Glow | This preset gives a classic teal and orange effect with some glow in it, really enhances the classic teal and orange look! One of my personal favorite in the whole preset pack. This also gives a pinkish effect to the highlights.
  • Portrait Punch | This preset is specially made for portraits and it really enhances the skin tone of the person. A little brush adjustment on the face with some exposure after applying the preset would help a lot! Works best with day time portraits and it has some amazing contrasting colors.


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