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“THE BEST 2020” is a style-package with twelve different “photo filters” for Capture One RAW-converters. Developed by fashion, swimwear and lingerie photographer MAX LIBERTINE, this package contains the key looks to some of his best work. In contrast to current trends, Max favours color palettes that are less saturated and strong contrasts and contrast curves that resemble analog photography. Max mostly shoots on destination with natural light and in very intimate settings of just the photographer and a model present on set. These are the conditions that most hobby and travel photographers will be facing as well. His RAW-converter presets for Capture One therefore often focus on creating a better balance of high lights and shades, as well as balancing out natural color palettes.


AMANDA 4 | This preset is the only preset for studio in this package. It is a great example of how MAX works with the RGB and Lumina curve to create a more dramatic film look.

ANNIE 3 | This look was created for a swimwear shoot in Cape Town during midday to add some “punch” and at the same time make the light look less harsh on the model.

GETRIIN | From another swimwear shoot in Cape Town with gloomy light during midday this style ads contrast and shifts tones to a blue and brown tonal range.

JILL BEDROOM 1 | This style was created for one of Max’s favourite sensual shoots in a Riad in Marrakesh. The shoot incorporated different indoor and outdoor locations with a variety of extreme lighting conditions that had to be harmonised. This particular look was created for small chamber with only the door providing natural light from the courtyard.

JILL COURTYARD 1 | From the same shoot as Jill Bedroom 1 this style is adapted to fit an open shade lighting.

JILL ROOFTOP 1 | Also from Marrakech, this style provides a similar for outside, with the sun standing high, near noon.

RALUCA 1 | Was created for earlier work in Bali under diffuse light conditions. It balances the green light reflected from the surrounding jungle.

RALUCA 2 | From the same shoot as Raluca 1, this style also pushes green colors while keeping the skin looking great.

SHANNON 1 | This look, similar to Getriin was created for a shoot on a gloomy beach in Cape Town. However it plays with the pink, blue and yellow tonal range to fit the extreme hair and eye features of the model.

SNEHA 1 | This style was created for a test shoot in Max’s hometown Dresden in Germany. It is a classy black and white filter with high contrast look for open shade shots on sunny days.

SNEHA 2 | From another shoot in Dresden this style deals with light conditions and colors on a sunny day in the woods. It supports an uplifting spring mood.

SNEHA 3 | Also from a shoot in Dresden in a palace garden this style is designed to deal with lighting condition in the shade with indirect light on a sunny day.

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