The Cold Tone Video LUTs Pack


The Cold Tone Video LUTs Pack

Creator: FilterGrade


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Cold Tone Video LUTs for Filmmakers & Cinematographers

Editing raw footage can be time consuming, especially when you’re going for specific looks. It’s much easier to have a base to start from, even if you do end up changing the starting LUT quite a bit. With this cold tone video LUTs pack, we’ve designed 14 unique cold tone LUTs that are perfect for grading footage from all environments to help create a crisp, cool feeling. You’ll find crisp, contrasty LUTs, and you’ll also find a few colorful, LO-FI cold tone LUTs.

In the bundle, there are 14 different LUTs with a variety of color variations, all made to help emit that cold, winter time feeling. This bundle was created by Matt Moloney and the team at FilterGrade and is the perfect tool to help you save time while editing video footage for those cold tone looks.

Start editing your video footage in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, & more with these Cold Tone LUTs!

  • 14 Cold Tone Video LUTs ( .look .cube)
  • Various Color Tones
  • Dark, Cool Weather
  • Bright/Airy/Crisp Tones
  • FREE Help + Support

The Cold Tone Video LUTs Pack is compatible with a range of video editing softwares. From Adobe Premiere Pro, to Final Cut Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, & more!

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