The Fresh Folk Collection – Lightroom Presets by The Photo Folk


The Fresh Folk Collection – Lightroom Presets by The Photo Folk

Creator: Photo Folk

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Fresh, Folk-Style Presets for Adobe Lightroom

These portrait and wedding presets and tones were put together by  The Photo Folk!  These presets look great both cool and warm, and are extremely versatile.  They were designed for outdoor images, but we have found success using them in indoor situations as well. We hope that these fun, modern presets will achieve the look you strive for with minimal fine tuning.  Thank you and happy photo coloring!

Start your folk-style edits with these filters from the Photo Folk.
  • 60 Lightroom Presets
  • Fresh Tones
  • Folk Style
  • Crisp & Light
  • Portrait/Wedding/Lifestyle
  • Free Help Files & Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

The Fresh Folk Collection


Avett – Bold, warm, and bohemian, this preset brings a special richness to brown tones.

Beam – Soft and whimsical, just like Mr. Beam himself.

Beirut – Perfect for autumn tones and bringing more life into images that are in desaturation nation. Subtle film look.

Bridwell – A visually delicious rose hued preset with deep romantic shadows.  Turn the temp up on this one.  It’s about to get a little toasty in here.

BW Mumford – A super versatile black and white with a super slight matte and an elegant composition.

BW Shakey – A black and white for old time-y film feels with a modern twist.

Devendra – Creamy softness with some cool accent greens that are superb for a woodsy adventure.

Elliott – Filmy goodness with a swooning sigh.

Feist – A deep, warm cup of cinnamon coffee poured all over your capture.  In the best way possible.

Huron – Cool, bright highlights for your affinity of bluesy, retro (but not overly retro) feels.

Isakov – Glorious golden sunshine with a blue hinted radiance.

Iver – Teensy bit of a mute on the highlights, and a subtle wintry look in the shadows.

Jurado – Not a whole game changer, but an amper-upper of the fabulousness you’ve already created.

LaMontagne – Light, airy, with a charming feel of a peaceful oncoming storm.

Marling – Moody and angsty with muted colors and a darkness that may entice you.

Oberst – O’ burst of light! How can image be bright but also moody?  Bright Eyes here will save your day.

Sufjan – Nice and toned down for a subtle dreaminess that will make your soul thank you.

Tillman – Raw goodness with lightened shadows and a healthy dose of aqua undertones.

Van Etten – Delicious warmth despite toned down yellows, this may be your new indoor friend.

Vance – Poppy hued and in yo face, this preset will introduce a new gorgeously contrasted image that’ll knock yer socks off.


Each preset comes with two additional film options for the same coloring, but different mood.

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