The Gonzo Packs: 170 Anti-Presets for Lightroom


The Gonzo Packs: 170 Anti-Presets for Lightroom

Creator: LR Frankenstein

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Creative Presets Bundle with 170 Presets!

In a world where photography has grown increasingly watered down and bland, there exists a small contingent of photomakers who are pushing back. Our lot is made up of freethinking professional photographers and hobbyist shooters who are tired of the constant pressure to produce the same cookie-cutter images again and again and again. We are not the sort of people who simply “do it for the ‘Gram.” Created by LR Frankenstein.

Irreverent. Outlandish. Extreme. We are GONZO.

A true Gonzo photographer takes the work seriously but never themselves. We shoot for the love of the picture and the process. Many of use crawl out from beneath our rocks late in the day only to crawl back under them just before sunrise. We shoot digital, we shoot film and the more unique we can make our camera rigs the better. The images we make are as much a part of ourselves as they are testaments to our own skewed vision of the world.

The Gonzo Packs seek to capture the sometimes outrageous yet always freewheeling spirit of the full blooded Gonzo photo maker. Each preset is geared towards producing solid results across a wide range of photographic genres from landscapes to weddings to portraits. And if you’re the type that loves to work harder than you have to for your photos you’ll find a healthy dose of film stock and grain simulations for your fiendishly analog mind to enjoy.

Bundled within the Gonzo Packs are 8 different preset packs chocked full of 170 exquisitely crafted presets for Lightroom. Perfect for the photographer who cares…just not a lot. Here’s what’s included:

Film Snob

We all know that “one guy.” You might be that guy…hell I may be that guy. There will always be those among us who love the smell of fixer in the morning.

This pack brings the goods with 15 subtle presets including color and black and white, toning, color shifts and grain simulations that won’t absolutely wreck your other adjustments.

There’s even a light leak or two thrown in for old times sake.

Glass Cage of Emulsion

Milk might have been a bad choice but these presets aren’t.

Glass Cage of Emulsion features bizarre color shifts and grain simulations which hint at the endearing nature of shooting expired film stocks. You’ll get 25 presets so there will likely be something for everyone.

Irreconcilable Differences

If you’ve ever taken on a wedding shoot based solely on the type of beer being served at the reception then Irreconcilable Differences is for you. 

It contains 20 presets that will make the pain of sifting through all those shots much more bearable. 
Adjustments range from light and airy color tones to classic black and white.

The marriage might last but at least these presets are a sure thing!

Pain and Grain

It might only be 8 presets but Pain and Grain slaps you across the face with it’s massively versatile film grain simulations. From the mellow smoothness of ISO 25 all the way to the grainy punch of ISO 3200, these grain simulations will give an instantaneous film look to any photo.

The best part? They won’t interfere with any of your other adjustments.

Portraits of Doom

All of your portrait sessions go exactly as planned. Each client is a supermodel. You have the best strobes and you’ve just hired your sixth assistant simply “for space assessment”. For the rest of us, there’s Portraits of Doom

These are the presets for when everything goes wrong during a shoot. You’ll receive 25 purpose driven presets specifically designed to help you quickly correct skin tones and adjust lighting.

I’ve also included a weirdly useful facial filter tools and targeted iris enhancer to bring out the soul in the eyes of your client.

That is…if they have one. 

Stark Raving Contrast

You wanna get nuts? Alright, let’s get nuts. Just don’t expect the presets found here to work with each and every photo.

These radical contrast and color shifts aren’t for everyone or every image. That being said, there will be some photos…a weird and beautiful few…where you’ll go stark raving mad over Stark Raving Contrast.

And since only a few of these 20 presets rely Lightroom’s Contrast adjustment slider you’ll have plenty of wiggle room to dial each effect until it’s just right.

Professional Amateur

We can all use a little help with our exposures from time to time. Whether you’re a pro pretending to be a better pro or an amateur whose waded out into the deep end a little too soon, Professional Amateur has got your back.

You’ll have access to 20 variable presets that will help you tweak your exposure and contrast quickly while maintaining surprising control.

These make absolutely superb Import presets for fixing those massive processing jobs when you could have sworn you were shooting at F/2.8….

Photographic Dump Truck

It’s all got to go somewhere, right?

Since I love you so much, I’ve decided to build a place where all those filters and tools from the other Gonzo Packs (and some of my other presets) can call home. The Photographic Dump Truck is filled with special effects from the other Gonzo packs. You’ll get the grain simulations from Pain and Grain, the Facial Tools from Portraits of Doom and loads more. In total, you’ll have 37 standalone tools at your disposal anytime, anywhere, for any photo.

The Gonzo Packs pay homage to the men and women who choose to color outside the lines of mainstream photography. They offer unpretentious, professional grade results that cater to the working (albeit slightly weird) photographer who cares more about making photographs than they do about algorithms and subscriber counts.

Do You…Gonzo?

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