The Ultimate Blogger Preset Pack by @coupletraveltheworld – Perfect for Blog + Instagram (42 Presets!)


The Ultimate Blogger Preset Pack by @coupletraveltheworld – Perfect for Blog + Instagram (42 Presets!)

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The Ultimate Preset Pack: Blogger Takeoff

Our Ultimate Preset Pack: Blogger Blastoff Edition has been designed to suit all different photos – whether you are in a beach setting, on a city break, whether you want a vogue fashion look, a dreamy look or want your photos to have urban chic or vintage vibes, the ultimate preset pack has something for most settings and looks.

We use these presets on our Instagram @coupletraveltheworld and Blog. As we have created a diverse range of presets, it should be possible to apply these presets to a wide range of topics and niches. We personally use the presets on travel, portrait, lifestyle, food, romance and family images.

No one photo is exactly the same. While we have aimed to create 1 click magic, some photos will require slight adjustments to lighting and exposure in Lightroom to create the perfect photo.

Inside The Ultimate Preset Pack:

Blogger Blastoff includes 42 presets in total

    • 21 Mobile Presets
    • 21 Desktop Presets

The presets have been conveniently named to help you understand the colors, feeling and emotions that the presets evoke to help you select the right preset for your photo.

The presets are: Wonderland Red, White & Bright, Vogue Fashion, Vintage Vibes, Velvet Vibes, Rainy Day, Pop of Color, Pink Coconut Dream, Pastel Skies, Pastel Pastures, Outdoor Paradise, Morning Light, Magic Nature, All the Feels, Golden Fairytales, Forest Greens, Bold & Earthy, Dreamy, Classic Old School, Bright & Airy and Magical Moments

The presets have been tested to work on numerous images both on Raw & JPEG files. The Mobile Presets work on the Free Lightroom app with no subscription required!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC subscription to use these presets?

No! All you need is a free Lightroom Mobile account.

Our presets are Lightroom Mobile ready. We will give you instructions to download and install the presets straight to your phone. Click your favourite preset and you are good to go in minutes.

We personally use Lightroom on our laptop. If you want to try Lightroom CC for yourself, click here for a free 30 day trial.

2. Do I need graphic design or Lightroom skills to use these presets?

Nope! Our Lightroom presets are ready to go at the click of the mouse or tap of your finger.

Every preset won’t work for every photo, but we’ve tried it on hundreds of photos – there will nearly always be a perfect preset in our pack for your photo.

3. How do I install Lightroom Presets on desktop and Mobile?

We provide a step-by-step guide to install your new presets on desktop (Lightroom Classic, CC all versions) and on the mobile App.

You’ll be ready to apply your presets in seconds.


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