Tom Noske Lightroom Presets

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Tom Noske Lightroom Presets

Creator: Tom Noske
(2 customer reviews)

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Lifestyle Effects for Adobe Lightroom

These photo effects were created by lifestyle photographer, Tom Noske. His presets will help you bring your travel and adventure photos alive and make your subjects look stunning.

Here’s a bit from Tom himself, “My Photography and editing style is a moody yet vibrant style, focused mostly around a color palette of teal and orange to create a warm and summery vibe to all my images! these presets will work best on adventure and travel landscapes and portraits, but with a few minor adjustments they should work for any image!”

Start editing your travel photos with these unique presets from Tom Noske!
  • 15 Lightroom Presets
  • Natural Details
  • Clean Colors
  • Travel/Adventure/Lifestyle
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Tom has included 15 unique Lightroom Presets for you to play around with and learn form in this bundle. To learn more about each preset, continue reading below.

  • B&W Dramatic | This preset is best used for landscapes and portraits where you’re trying to portray a punchy and aggressive mood, great for urban photography and portraits in and around mechanical environments.
  • Bringing out the Blues | I use this when the majority of the image is water, yet the water is showing a browny green color! this preset will help you bring back the blues you were seeing in person that the camera just wasn’t able to capture! like many of my ocean shots on Instagram.
  • Cinematic (teal – orange) | This preset is great for everything, if you desire to create a cohesive vibe, or you’re just wanting to develop your own theme, this preset is a great starting point to learning how people create the allusive teal and orange look.
  • Crushed Black Fade | This preset is simply a learning tool! a way for me to teach you how I use the tone curve in Lightroom (arguably the most important editing tool on the program).
  • Flat Tones | This preset is great if you have an image that already looks great out of camera and you’re simply wanting to add some punch without manipulating the colors too much!
  • Good All Rounder | As the name describes it, this preset is just a great all rounder, use it on all your photos, use it to learn what kind of adjustments I make to all my photos, or just use it as a back up if nothing else work!
  • High Dynamic Range | This preset just uses the basic adjustments tab to add a little depth back into your shots and give it that HDR look that is filling instagram at the moment! a great starting point for any edit, use this to kick off your editing flow and develop your own style!
  • Mad Max Color Palete | This preset is inspired by the movie mad mex, which has a phenominal color palete! this can be used to make primary adjustments to your colors at the start of your editing flow before going ahead and developing the mood in your shots!
  • Moody Forest |  This is a great preset if you love greens and are looking for a cooler vibe, I used this preset most whilst traveling through Germany at the beginning of their winter, where I found cooler tones and vibrant greens worked best to bring out the vibe I got from the country side there!
  • Muted Tones | This preset is great if you aren’t looking for the vibrant and punchy look and instead are looking for a moody, emotional look! great for landscapes, and can be used on portraits with a few basic adjustments.
  • My Most Used | As the name describes this is the preset that I have used most for my Instagram photos, it is the primary tool I have used to create the cohesive and consistent theme that flows through my Instagram feed! my favorite so much so that I was almost reluctant to share it!
  • Old School Style | This preset takes advantage of the tone curve to create a very faded and unsaturated look that is great for portraying a moody and emotional vibe, use this with some added grain and you’ve got yourself an awesome shot!
  • Powerful Tones | This preset is just my way of taking my editing style X10! great for adding some serious punch to your landscapes or portraits
  • Punchy | Great for adding some kick into otherwise flat areas of your photos, I find this preset great for those typical Skateboarding shots, it’ll help you add some of the texture back into the road, and lift those colors enough to add some pop back into the image
  • Summer Dayz | This preset is great for adding that warm summery vibe back into your image, whilst also teaching you how to use the color balance tool to add a feeling into your image and not just to create balance!

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2 reviews for Tom Noske Lightroom Presets

  1. Christian Carnovale

    These are amazing! I’ve just started up a small business and using these pre sets has made my work a whole lot easier and more attractive! Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Jameskay

    Great product, exactly what I wanted and the huge range provides many good great choices, can’t wait for more!

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