Transmission Warp Text Effects (Illustrator)

Transmission Warp Text Effects (Illustrator)

Creator: Pixelbuddha


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Illustrator Warp Text Effects

Modern and progressive vibes are everywhere nowadays and Pixelbuddha is trying to move with the times and keep it up! Inspired by digital art and techno music a bit, we’ve decided to bring some cosmic and floating elements to life in our decoration kit, packed with cosmic and sometimes even psychedelic shapes, so we present you Transmission Text Warp Effects.

The superfluous composition of distortion can be easily achieved with 24 shape mesh templates for Adobe Illustrator we’ve worked out. Don’t hesitate to add the twists and a bit of deformity to your texts! And if these changes are not enough for fulfilling your creative cravings, apply the effects to any other graphics like illustrations and backgrounds. The head goes round from the possible amount of designs with this kit: posters, flyers, covers, cards, apparel, labels and logos. Set your mind free for a clear creative transmission of ideas!

What do you get?

  • 24 effects in a single AI file
  • Easy to use
  • Help PDF File
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS4+


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