Travel Fever Lightroom Presets

Travel Fever Lightroom Presets

Creator: Bombshell Sisters

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Travel Fever by the Bombshell Sisters!

This incredible pack of travel photo presets was created by the talented sister-combo, Felicia and Olivia Ferm, also known as the Bombshell Sisters! Their bundle includes a variety of different travel settings with warm and cool effects for each preset.

This Tropical bundle provides both warm and cold tones to cover every possible situation. All presets will give your photos a vibrant and colorful feel to it regardlessly if you decide to follow the cold toned presets or the warmly toned ones.

Improve your edits and capture any warm or cool travel effect with these incredible presets from the Bombshell Sisters!

  • 14 Travel Lightroom Presets
  • Warm+Cold Variations
  • Deep Colors
  • Vivid Tones
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Olivia and Felicia have been kind enough to put together a bundle of 14 incredible travel fever presets, each with a cool and hot variation! Continue below to find out more about these presets.

TRAVEL FEVER Includes Presets:

BACKLIT COLD | A cold-toned preset especially created to suit photos with backlit and flares.

BACKLIT WARM | Same as BACKLIT COLD but warm-toned.

FOOD COLD | A preset created for food pictures, it provides sharpness and brings life to the images.

FOOD WARM | Same as FOOD COLD but warm toned.

NATURE COLD | A landscape preset for photos that are shoot wide angle with a lot of blue, green and earth tones

NATURE WARM | Same as NATURE COLD but warm-toned.

OCEAN COLD | A preset special developed for beach, sea and ocean pictures. The blue tones are in focus. This one is cold toned.

OCEAN WARM | Same as OCEAN COLD but warm-toned.

PEOPLE COLD | A cold-toned preset that gives the perfect nature portraits.

PEOPLE WARM | Same as PEOPLE COLD but warm-toned

STREET COLD | A preset designed to suit street styles worldwide, cold-toned.

STREET WARM | Same as STREET COLD but warm-toned

SUBJECT COLD | An all-round preset that suits most images containing a subject.

SUBJECT WARM | Same as SUBJECT COLD but warm-toned.

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